HistoryWorld War 2: What if Axis Forces Won

World War 2: What if Axis Forces Won


World War 2 is one of the most significant events of the 20th century or even before that. The level of destruction caused is immeasurable and cannot be accounted for or justified. Millions of innocent people were killed due to this war, but do we know how the war was started and what was the composition of war that caused such a scar in the history of the world?

World War 2

World War 2
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World War 2, which started on lasted for 6 long years, started on 1st September 1939 and lasted until 2nd September 1945. Many died for no reason other than to serve their country in this mass genocide, where some countries aimed for world domination. There is no exact number of causalities, but according to some estimates around 50 million people died as an outcome of world war 2, directly and indirectly. There is no justification for the death toll that took place during this horrendous event.

Axis Forces

World War 2
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During the world war many countries chose their sides to fight for, and during this 3 major contributors to this war formed an alliance that came to be known as the Axis Powers. The Axis Powers were an alliance between Germany, Japan, and Italy during the war.

The level of destruction which was caused by these Axis Powers is indescribable and it was a fortunate event that they lost the war to the Allied Powers, which constituted Britain, France, Soviet Union, USA, and China.

The Holocaust

World War 2
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One of the cruelest events that took place in the history of humankind was the holocaust, and imagine a superpower taking over the world, who is capable of committing crimes that are so horrendous that they become a sin not against a person but the entirety of humanity.

Adolf Hitler

Born and brought up in Germany he gathered so much hatred for the Jews that he decided to exterminate them from the surface of the world. The hate was a result of all the misconceptions and myths that had formed around the Jews for centuries, and combine with the economic stability of their community in times of war and hunger, people started hating Jews more and more, and Hitler was no exception to the situation.

What if Axis Forces had Won the War

World War 2
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Let us imagine something unfortunate for a second and let’s wonder what would have happened if these Axis Powers had won world war 2. What would the world be like today?
We have all heard about the mass genocide that took place in Poland after Germany took over it in 1939, which was the onset of world war 2.

People were panicking all over the country when suddenly the Jewish people residing in Poland were introduced to a new Hierarchal order and were forced out of their own homes. The innocent people were taken to the concertation camps, awaiting their deaths.

Holocaust was one of the cruelest events that ever took place in the history of the world.
We are not going to discuss the political differences which could have occurred due to this, but we are going to discuss the hypothetical outcome that could have resulted if the Nazis had won world war 2.

World Domination

World War 2
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The first step after winning world war 2 would have been aiming for world domination, which would require the axis powers to eliminate the remaining threats to their supremacy. After winning the war and clearing out all their rivals no one would have been able to stand up to the powers of their forces, considering that the allied powers lost miserably.

Mass Genocide

World War 2
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As the Nazis have demonstrated in the past, that they are capable of committing mass genocide without any remorse, what would follow next would be a genocide much larger in scale and magnitude, and the destruction it would cause would be unsurmountable. Jews all over the world would be exterminated along with people having a homosexual orientation.

Nazis were quite cruel, they wouldn’t have spared anyone who didn’t fit their ideology of being a perfect human being. That’s what we call a dictator mentality.

Dictatorship Over Democracy

World War 2
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Do you think democracy could have sustained in a world when a crazy tyrant is the one who is at the peak, controlling every action in accord with his ideology. A world where democracy does not exist, only a tiny glimmer of hope hidden by the brutal policies of the Nazis who only care about power and authority over everything else, the world would have been an infinitely worse place than it is now.

Final Note

World War 2
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There could have been many consequences of the above situation, but one thing is for sure, an authority that could kill people without a single thought or remorse are not the leaders the world deserves or even need. We wouldn’t know for sure because this is just a hypothetical scenario where and if Nazis had won the war, what could have been, based on their past actions?

We can never know for sure how things could have turned out, but one thing is for sure, the world should never face the trauma which it did in world war 2. The people responsible for it are not capable leaders.

A world controlled by a Nazi mentality, where they exterminate any threat to their ideology is a world void of liberty and freedom, and a world void of these is not a place worth living.

World War 2 was a global trauma, and there could have been infinite consequences if the Axis Powers had won the war, but it’s a very fortunate thing that the hope was not dampened and we can still enjoy the freedom that the new world offers.



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