Futuristic InnovationsFashion Industry: The Unstoppable Rise to Power

Fashion Industry: The Unstoppable Rise to Power


The fashion industry is exciting, fascinating, and mesmerizing, with a lot of potential in the future. Like tech, fashion is pacing forward and is the foreground of innovation. Fashion technology is becoming the youth’s mania. Robots are taking over.

The fashion industry has seen a lot of advancements in the current years. This industry will be one of the most competitive fields in the future. Taking a degree and working in this field was considered a waste; however, with time, many students are encouraged to join this field.

Fashion Industry
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What does the future hold? There are several innovations and inventions that we can expect in the future ranging from the usage of automated robots, making personalized and comfortable clothing, to digital influence through the metaverse.

Fashion Technology

Innovation is important in improving consumer experience and ensuring that the fashion industry is moving forward. Combining fashion and technology? What would that look like?

Fashion Tech will form the future. It will be beneficial to designers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. It will create a world where everything can be achieved! Innovation and sustainability are interlinked. Fashion brands that aim to be more sustainable tend to draw in more customers, increase profits, and lessen the social cost on the environment.

Seizing the opportunity at the right time, changing business models, building their tech, and partnering with tech providers might boost the new startups.



Fashion Technology
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Evolution of 3D Printing

3D Printing is destined to change every industry in a transformational manner. Many are still skeptical about how a digital machine will create a solidified object. Thus, 3D Printing has a paramount role in the fashion industry. It will allow people in the industry to design a dress for themselves and wear it.

You can expect 3D Printed clothes, accessories, and footwear; the possibilities are endless. It is helpful for sustainable, eco-friendly purposes and saves costs using recycled material. It will give the fashion industry a lot of freedom to try new things with minimum costs.

For instance, Adidas designed a 3D-printed midsole for its sneakers, created from plastic in the ocean. When such big brands use this technique, it encourages customers to use environmentally friendly products.

The fashion industry is responsible for causing hazardous effects on the environment. Thus, 3D Printing would help reduce wastage while transporting fabrics; it eliminates all the unnecessary processes.

It helps increase profits since production time will reduce by 80 percent, and it would give an edge to designers to develop new collections faster. There would no longer be a need to generate a copy of the design, thus reducing sampling costs and taking more risks.

This technology would be used for developing regular clothes as well. This process also allows the fashion industry to focus more on customizing clothes adaptive to all bodies.

Kinds of 3D Printed Clothes You Can Expect in the Future.

Here are some designs which we will regularly see in the near future:
1. Kaleidoscopic Design: Such type of garment will have multiple colors with comfortable material allowing designers to make complex designs. The use of a color palette here will be unique. The fashion industry focuses only on the appearance of their cloth; thus, 3D printing will allow people to be more comfortable with their clothing.

2. Knitted Prints: 3D knitted clothes are sustainable and durable. These can be made according to different body types and in blazers or sweaters.

3. Kinematic Dresses: Such dresses are built layer by layer with hundreds of interconnecting components that do not require assembling. Every layer will have a similar and perfect design. Such dresses are made after scanning the body, prioritizing comfort.

4. Footwear: 3D printing could be used to make midsole sneakers. It will be possible to make an entire shoe using this technique which will be resistant, lightweight, and fit you perfectly.

5. Meshes: Mesh is a material like a net that is difficult to handle; it is rigid and often gets tangled while designing, causing a lot of trouble. 3D Printing could be used to detangle and make it more pleasant.

5. Jewellery: 3D printing would help launch jewelry of any substance, such as gold, silver, or platinum, on the preference of design by the consumer.

6. Other Accessories: Other things, such as watches, bags, etc., would also be produced by 3D Printing. The 3D Body Scanning technology will be available to design such clothes. This technology would scan different parts of your body, i.e., 360 degrees, and put these together. This technology will be helpful in custom fitting garments, getting the right measurements, and virtually trying them on.

Innovation never stops! You can expect multiple body scanning devices, ranging from laser scanning to using white light for body scanning. The information collected is useful for the apparel industry, where the actual manufacturing of designs takes place.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be trained in predicting trends, analyzing consumer behavior and preferences, identifying the target market, and even understanding fashion aesthetics.

Virtual Reality or perhaps Augmented Reality helps in combining the digital and physical world. VR or AR could help a customer to digitally try on an item of clothing and make a decision. You can also expect a VR version of a whole store.

Metaverse – From Art To Fashion To Education

Metaverse would open a digital playground for the fashion industry. It would allow consumers to try new designs that aren’t marketed through their personalized avatars. It is an area where technology is converted into reality.

Clothes would be sold through NFTs in games like Fortnite because most characters also have a big fashion game in such games. Metaverse allows fashion enthusiasts to experiment with new trends, designs, and technologies.

Fashion in the metaverse allows everyone to explore and enjoy. This would help users try clothes without any external judgment and make the necessary adjustments.


You could vision robots replacing manual work in the future. AI-infused robots would do things such as cutting and sewing. Such robots are helpful at the backend and front end, i.e., in stores. Automated robots will be very helpful in collecting raw materials, distribution, manufacturing, storage, and warehousing to make orders available to customers.

Robots would have a major role in the fashion industry. They would be able to talk to customers in stores. The mundane task of retail would be done by robots making fashion enthusiasts devote their time to innovation and customer interaction.

Engineers are working towards making robots more agile to complete more tasks. Digitalization of the fashion industry will upgrade supply change management to a large extent.

The major problems of keeping track of inventory, sales recording, and customer service could be performed by robots with efficiency. This would help in cost-cutting, increasing sales, and launching new trends much faster. Whenever a new trend is introduced on a runaway, it will be seen in the stores the next day.

Robots will maintain better logistics coordination and warehouse management, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Robots will help expand consumer interaction, ensuring they visit the same outlet again. In the future, robots can provide a more professional and customizable experience. They can learn fast, lift heavy materials and perform work better than humans.

The fashion industry has followed the concept of “one size fits all”; now, we can expect more personalized and customized services with the latest AI robots. The purpose of robots is to make human tasks easier and not replace them.

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Blockchain is a technology that helps in recording transactions in a ledger. It helps in maintaining transparency and tracking assets in an organization. It ensures the authenticity of products.

Blockchains are a great tool in the fashion industry by maintaining efficiency in supply chain management. It will track the order from the collection of raw materials till the final delivery of the end product. It ensures the timely delivery of goods. It helps in recording inventory and reduces counterfeits.

This technology has a network of computers instead of a centralized server which prevents hackers from hacking into the computers. It will make exchanging data and documents secure and easier. It provides a unique identification number which makes tracking easy. Hence, it is a very secure technology.

With blockchains, we can keep track of goods and ensure proper recycling is happening. It will maintain sustainability.

Currently, this concept is not widely used, but you will see blockchain technology in large numbers in the future. It would help make a global database that allows different organizations and fashion enthusiasts to connect. It would help startups to connect with big organizations.

Hence blockchains could revolutionize the fashion industry by making it more efficient.

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Customization Of Clothes

When we hear about custom-made clothes, we immediately think they are expensive and will be difficult to find. There’s a massive difference between custom tailor-made clothes and clothes which fits all. It is always difficult to find the ‘perfect’ outfit; either it’s not in the color we want, or the size is unavailable. Customization helps in solving all these problems. Technologies like 3D Printing allow users to customize their clothes easily.

But here’s what you need to know – these clothes last longer and will showcase your style. Such clothing helps in bringing out your personality.

In the future, you will be able to design your clothes at home using upgraded AI technology. Even the professionals in the fashion industry would help people design their clothes as customization will rule the world.
Some of the reasons why such clothes are better are as follows-
1. Better Fit: Fit enables individuals to showcase their bodies flawlessly. It would be best if you dressed in a way that is comfortable for your body type. Custom-made clothing is well-adjusted to your measurement and helps you gain confidence. You started getting dressed according to your body type and not from someone else’s viewpoint or design.

2. Quality Of Materials: Custom clothing allows you to choose the fabric which suits your body. Industrial manufacturers might use materials that are harmful to your body.

3. Personalized Fit: You might have a specific outfit in your mind but won’t be able to find it in stores and have to adjust with clothes that are available in the market. You can design your clothes at home at a minimal cost with custom clothing. This also helps in shaping an individual’s personality.

4. Durability: Customized clothes are less expensive and durable because of the right fabric used. They last longer. You can also change the design of any clothing easily.

5. Time And Effort: You have an outfit in your mind, you design it, and it is in front of you. Custom-made clothes help in saving time by eliminating all the options and clothes you have to try in a store for someone who doesn’t like shopping. Its torture.

Customization of clothes
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What’s Next? Digital Twins

This technology is the real application world into the virtual world. It is a real-time virtual application of an object, requiring machine learning to make decisions. The digital twin would contain everything from design to fabrics in the fashion industry.

This technology helps in reducing or, in some cases removing supply chain wastages which would, in turn, increase the simulations performed. Digital twin eliminates the need for prototypes and helps in performing multiple simulations. They also help in fixing sizing problems.


Predictions of the future of the fashion industry seem unreal. The demand for fashion influences room for innovation. Consumer preferences and experiences will drive fashion into a new paradigm requiring new technologies and production methods for consumer-driven designs in all sizes.

We will see professionals with different and unique skill sets working on developing such technologies. At the same time, the government must support the fashion industry in moving forward with its trends.

3D Printed fashion is fancy and signals a future in the fashion industry. We are a long way from 3D-printed designs at home for the printing of regular clothes, but it is definitely in the future. There are infinite possibilities when more designers and manufacturers adopt such technologies.

The thing the fashion industry lacks is awareness. There is a need to ensure that people are acquainted with this industry. This will ensure that everyone has the opportunity of working in fashion and bring in the latest trend and new designs.



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