Futuristic InnovationsAI-Generated Clothing: Your 2035 Fashion Assistant

AI-Generated Clothing: Your 2035 Fashion Assistant


During my school days, I liked to play fashion dress-up games which were related to AI-generated clothing systems, and I guess many of you have played games like Fashion Arena, Fashion Empire, and Glamland. And somewhere, this digital fashion game influenced our fashion style in real life.

AI generated clothing
Photo by: Anaterate/ Pixabay

You might think that this new technology used for AI-generated clothing came into existence recently, where customers, brands, and fashion designers are about to be dependent on artificial intelligence for their fashion and design needs. Big fashion brands use AI on their online shopping sites to deliver what their customers are looking for and track their next purchase.

3D virtual fashion models, virtual fashion shows, virtual trials, and so many other smart technologies have been invented. But, while all of this has happened in the last few years, do you know when AI made a big splash in the fashion industry?

Back then, from 2013 to 2015, many fashion games came into existence, and there were many people who used to play fashion games, and then in real life, they used to buy similar dresses or have them stitched by their tailor that they had styled for their models in the games and wear them in real life.

In these games, like their virtual fashion assistant, people used to experiment with different clothing combinations on their models in the games, and if they liked the style that they created, they used to try it in real life.

At that time, people used to practice this as a fun activity, but slowly, technology was making its way towards a greater invention. Virtual fashion games were like a trailer for the bigger picture of an AI-powered fashion and design assistant.

1. What the Industry Is Seeing Now in Terms of Virtual AI-Generated Fashion?

The fashion industry has progressed beyond simply creating machines to sew and design clothes. By collaborating with technology and breaking down barriers that were previously limited to using AI for sales and budgeting only, big brands are now paving the way for all brands and fashion designers by using AI-generated clothing methods and a virtual fashion assistant.

Have you ever wished to attend Paris Fashion Week or London Fashion Week? Of course, you would have thought of it at least once, but it is out of the budget for many of us. Travel, accommodations, and many other expenses will empty our bank accounts. And the great news is that now you just have to spend money on the internet and a few mini chargers for the show.

Picture by: Nappy/ Pexels

No, no, no. I am not sponsoring your ticket to Milan or New York Fashion Week. Don’t get me wrong. Here, I’m referring to the virtual and digitalized fashion show, which is in trend nowadays.

After the pandemic, many brands have now opted for a virtual fashion show where dolls or robots are the models; these dolls and robots are a one-time investment for the brands. This reduced the cost of hiring models for each fashion show, as well as the costs of venue and arrangement because this fashion show was streamed live. To keep up with the times, brands such as H&M have opened their first 3D fashion store in the Metaverse, and besides that, many other brands are holding fashion shows on this platform.

There are many brands that offer virtual trials. Certain people enjoy shopping, but trying on clothes before purchasing them appears to be a daunting task. To make things easier, Chinese fashion brand “Lily” has opted for a virtual fitting room in public places such as the metro, where you simply stand in front of the screen and it will capture your photo, which you can then try on different outfits.

AR virtual fitting rooms for Lily in Shanghai metro | STDecaux

Your train is late today? Don’t worry, you can take your time with this interactive screen, and you will know which clothes suit you the best just by clicking on the screen. GAP has taken a step forward in this regard by installing a similar screen in-store, which also recommends what type of clothing to try, and which accessories will match your outfit, as well as different outfit combinations based on your preferences.

2. In 2035, Will AI-Generated Clothing Make Your Life Easier?

We always yearn for stylists and luxury-branded clothes after going through Vogue, Elle, or Harper’s Bazaar. And this just seems like a desire and a dream unfulfilled, but what if I said that by 2035 you might be the one influencing people with your clothes? Your attire will be the only unique outfit available in the whole world. I am not talking about taking a unique piece of cloth material and getting it stitched in a unique way by your tailor.

Let’s say you are on a day off from work, enjoying a day at the beach with your friends. You are wearing a beautiful yellow floral print blouse and a plain ivory skirt. Your hair is dancing to the rhythm of the wind, and the sun is making your skin look like a glittery surface, and suddenly your boss calls and says there’s an urgent client meeting and you need to be in the office in 20 minutes.

What would you do now? Of course, you can’t attend the meeting in that beach wear, so what now? You might panic, and you may think of going home to change, but it will be 2035, and the world is now very well advanced in technology.

At that time, a device like a virtual attire chip will be in vogue. This device will be like a coin-sized gadget that we have to connect to our phone. After connecting it to our phone, we just have to stick it to our clothes, and after sticking it, this device will immediately change the color and pattern of our outfit.

It will be based on which style you select on your phone, and if there are many changes to be made, then a virtual hologram layer of attire will cover the outfit that you are wearing in real life.

AI generated clothing
Photo by: Евгений Шухман/ Pexels

This hologram will be locked in your phone, and only you will be able to operate and control it. This virtual attire will hide your actual clothes. And VOILA!!! You are ready for your meeting.

There will be durability to your clothes, and every time you will get to wear a different and unique attire. 365 days and 365 new outfits, and guess what? You are your own fashion assistant and it won’t take up any closet space, and you won’t get tired of your old clothes; simply insert this virtual chip, and one single dress can be reused by changing its pattern and colors.

This might be a boon to those lazy people who feel like changing clothes is a big task, and it will work as a major advantage for people who always seek to be unique and want to stand out in the crowd.

This AI-generated clothing will save you time and energy, and guess what? With the help of this advancement, you can be your own fashion assistant. This smart, technological clothing will not only benefit the customer but will also be sustainable.

The fashion industry contributes 20% to industrial wastewater production and emissions of carbon dioxide. Many manufacturers produce clothes without knowing what the trend is in the fashion industry, and a lot of stock goes to waste.

However, with trend forecasting techniques, which keep track of what customers prefer to wear these days and predict the future trend by referring to the current fashion trend, this may help brands and retailers maintain their production and distribution of clothing.

During the start of a new season, I often face a major issue while shopping, and I guess you would have experienced the same. Like, after going through many outfits, you find “the perfect attire” on the rack in the shopping store, but when you search for your size, it’s often out of stock.

But just imagine a day when, before going shopping, you browse all the in-stock clothes of a particular brand on their website, and if you like a particular outfit, you just virtually trial it by uploading a photo of yourself and seeing how the dress will look on you, and then the website will suggest the size of that outfit.

And then, after making the decision that you want to buy it rather than do online shopping, disliking the material, and returning it, this may seem to be a fussy task. After selecting the dress of your choice, you can directly secure your size of the outfit, and then the nearest store of that brand will keep your selected dress separately, especially for you, and with that, they will also add a few similar outfits of the same size, just in case, after trying it on in person, you didn’t like the selected one.

And within the next 15 days, you can go and shop for those clothes; you just have to try them on and check out. This will clear up your confusion, and you may avoid wasting your time on searching for the dress in the whole store.

3. Are You Sure You Need a Fashion Assistant in the Future?

In today’s world, fashion influencers such as celebrities and brand ambassadors will confuse you, and you may start questioning your style of clothing. You think they are all your fashion assistants because you personally don’t have any stylists as they do. Especially fashion influencers nowadays confuse you with their DIY hacks, and you easily get influenced by them. When it comes to celebrities, they tempt you to buy expensive clothes, which is not possible for you.

Not only that, but because of these AI-generated clothing styles, virtual models are in style. Brands like Gucci, Nike and Louis Vuitton have developed their fashion models in the metaverse, which is the medium to influence people to purchase from their brand.

AI-generated fashion
Picture by: KingXeven/ Pixabay

But as the use of AI is done in a very advanced and smart way, in the future you won’t need to get influenced by models or fashion influencers because this AI will be your own personal fashion assistant.

There are some teens or even adults who really find it hard to know what type of clothing suits them the best, which color combination to wear, and which accessories may go with their look. I’m not into stereotyping people’s fashion sense, and I do believe and follow that we should wear what we love. But, you know, there are a few special occasions when we want to look our best, but our wardrobe is the worst place to look.

So, it’s always better to prepare in advance and purchase a few amazing outfits to wear to a sudden special event.

Through virtual interaction with AI devices and software, it doesn’t matter if you prefer to wear skirts all the time or don’t like wearing short clothes. You just have to add your likes and dislikes related to your taste in fashion, and then the software will suggest you many different outfits, footwear, and add-on accessories that will make you look amazing.

This technology will simplify your life, and this fashion assistant will soon be the best to rely on anywhere, at any time, and at a low cost. You will get to know which fashion style suits you the best, and your decision-making process will be easier. Not only that, but if people like your style and you like the AI-generated combination, you can add your own creativity to it and sell your style.

fashion assistant ai-generated
Photo by: Liza Summer/ Pexels

4. Conclusion

AI-generated clothing will lead the fashion industry to its peak compared to other businesses. Because nowadays, according to people, fashion has become a necessity and something to be depended on for living for many people, when AI comes into the picture, it works as a helping hand for many fashion brands.

The fashion assistant will help companies satisfy their customers’ needs, and the customer will have a significant experience from their end. Metaverse models, a virtual fashion show, and a virtual trial are just a few of the steps that are taken by artificial intelligence. By 2035, the whole fashion and design industry will be working through it.



  • Vini Darbar

    Vini comes from a mass media background and is a writer by passion. Her articles for Icy Destiny serve as a source from which she can share her unique perspective and unique creative vision with the world. Traveling and writing are not only mere tasks for her, but a big part of her life. And you will understand this when you read her articles. Education/Qualification: Mass Communication

Vini Darbar
Vini Darbar
Vini comes from a mass media background and is a writer by passion. Her articles for Icy Destiny serve as a source from which she can share her unique perspective and unique creative vision with the world. Traveling and writing are not only mere tasks for her, but a big part of her life. And you will understand this when you read her articles. Education/Qualification: Mass Communication


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