There is a lot of evidence to show that mermaids exist. It's possible that mermaids still exist today, buried deep within bodies of water beyond the reach of mankind.
Belief and OpinionsMermaids Exist! Here's Proof of This Incredible Reality

Mermaids Exist! Here’s Proof of This Incredible Reality


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Mermaids do exist! Where are they, and what are they like?

Mermaids are fascinating legendary beings. However, whether these mysterious water creatures genuinely exist on Earth or not, and if they do, what they are like, remains a mystery. How do they look? How would they have organized themselves? Did they have their kingdoms and empires, or would they have formed nation-states? What is their status in the aquatic hierarchy? Let’s see if we can find any answers to these questions.

Mermaids are fabled creatures with half the upper bodies of female humans and the tails of fish as their lower bodies. They also have a male counterpart called the Merman, who has the upper body of a human male and the tail as the lower body. They also possess the same abilities. They are said to visit the land on special occasions.

Photo by: Alice Alinari/ Unsplash

There is a lot of evidence to show that mermaids exist. They are the most primitive forms of life. These species may have existed on Earth before the evolution of modern humans. As the human population grew and mermaids became aware of humans’ exploitative nature, they gradually relocated their habitat to deep, remote parts of the ocean, far away from human meddling and interaction.

More than 80% of the Earth’s surface remains undiscovered even now. We humans have never explored more than 20% of the planet’s entire water bodies. As a result, understanding all of the biological types in the water is impossible. It’s possible that mermaids still exist today, buried deep within bodies of water beyond humanity’s reach.

Evidences Suggestive of the Existence of Mermaids

The Syrian Goddess of the Sea, Atargatis, is part human and half fish and is the first example of an actual mermaid. She is known as the Goddess of Fertility, Protection, and Good Health.

Ea, the god of water in Mesopotamia, was also a merman. There are countless examples of ancient gods and goddesses resembling mermaids in modern-day cultures. As a result, this evidence strongly suggests that mermaids have existed on Earth since the dawn of humanity.

According to his writings, mermaids were spotted by Christopher Columbus on his journey. It’s still debatable whether what he saw was a real mermaid. However, the claim that mermaids do not exist is false.

Photo By: Daniel Bernard /Unsplash

What Are These Mermaids Like?

Mermaids are considered to have large, elegant tails that allow them to swim fast through the ocean. The tails of different mermaids would be a variety of colors. As a result, these mermaids are described as colorful beings. However, just because they have a lovely tail does not guarantee that their upper bodies are equally lovely. Their faces will resemble a cross between a fish and a human.
Their eyes, nostrils, and ears are human-like, but their features are somewhat protruded outwards, giving them a distinct shape, more like a fish. Their heads are covered in long hair. In general, they can be described as the most attractive aquatic creatures.
Physically, they’re formidable opponents. Consider a swimmer as an example. They build up so much power by swimming in such a short period. Consider how much strength mermaids would have gained if they had spent their entire lives swimming every day.
Many old myths claim that mermaids may cause people to forget their memories. Many old folktales claim that these water creatures have magical abilities. It is a power they employ to ensure the survival of their kind. When a person witnesses a mermaid by chance, the mermaids erase that person’s memories, ensuring that that person does not inform anybody about their presence.
Another issue arises: what do these mermaids inhale? Unlike humans, who cannot use the dissolved oxygen found in water, these mermaids can use the dissolved oxygen found in bodies of water. Mermaids eat high-nutrient meals found in the oceans, including various aquatic animals and aquatic plants found in the deepest parts of the ocean.
Another thing to remember is that mermaids are unlikely to be as lovely and kind to people as shown in movies and television shows. They would most likely resemble animals, with a strong dislike of humans. Because humans are to blame for ruining their habitats and causing their species to become extinct, if we happen to come across a mermaid by chance, they will not be kind.
Photo By: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash

How These Mermaids Would Have Organized Themselves

These mermaids must have organized themselves into empires and kingdoms in ancient times. There is a hierarchy, with the throne being held by a single family for decades. In comparison to humans, however, there is a significant distinction in who would sit on the throne in aquatic life. There is no sense of patriarchy in the mermaid’s civilization.

Matriarchy, on the other hand, is a notion. Mermaids, or female mermaids, would be all-powerful in the aquatic world. Mermen do not occupy a central position in this aquatic society. Mermaids possess a great deal of power. The mermaids sit on the throne and rule over entire kingdoms and empires.

However, with the arrival of modernity, several empires may have evolved into modern governments led by an elected mermaid. The concept of gender equality would have gained traction, as the mermen would have demanded equal and prominent roles.

Is It Possible for Mermaids To Come Ashore?

Mermaids can only come to land once they have reached adulthood. When their bodies have fully developed and matured, they gain extraordinary abilities that allow them to generate legs as soon as they touch the ground.

While on land, these mermaids can easily breathe the oxygen available in the air, just like humans, and survive quite well. However, they must be highly cautious on land because even minor contact with water might turn them back into mermaids, putting them at risk of being caught. As a result, until and unless the young mermaids develop and transform, they will not be able to make a comparable journey to the land. Mermaids have also been known to marry humans and live on land for the rest of their lives. They go to the water now and then to get the nutrients they need to be alive and continue to live among us.

There’s also a belief that they’ll bring either a good or bad omen if these mermaids come ashore. They bring a great deal of prosperity to the region where they arrive or bring nothing but calamity. However, this is merely a superstition with no basis in reality.

Mermaids and Their Technology

Mermaids must have had a lot of influence in the aquatic realm because they are one of the oldest forms of living things. They are also the most mighty aquatic animals, possessing robust bodies and people’s minds. These aquatic organisms would have advanced significantly over thousands of years. They could have also advanced technologically on their own.

They would have developed underwater technology that allowed them to conceal their settlements while also integrating the entire ocean, monitoring and responding to any disturbance or threat in any vast ocean region. Despite these achievements, the mermaids struggle to save their species from extinction.

Mermaids on the Verge of Extinction

The number of mermaids has been steadily decreasing since the dawn of time on Earth and continues to do so today. Mermaids established massive communities all across the ocean about 3000 years ago. However, as human life emerged on Earth and people began to engage in various activities on land, they began to impact aquatic life significantly. Vast amounts of toxic industrial waste pollute the water in which these mermaids reside and have harmed aquatic plants and creatures since humans began polluting the oceans, making life challenging for ocean life.

Massive volumes of poisonous industrial waste contaminate the water where these mermaids live and aquatic vegetation and animals. Mermaids eat these aquatic plants and animals, but they can’t eat them once they’ve become toxic due to pollution. As a result, human activities harm every element of the mermaid’s life, ultimately contributing to their extinction.

Even if these mermaids create methods to hide and reduce water pollution to some level, how will they build advanced technology to combat the radiation and other radioactive elements that may quickly kill these water creatures in seconds?


As a result, it is apparent that these stunning creatures still exist today, somewhere in the ocean’s deepest reaches. They’ve established their society. In addition, they have improved over time.
They have now organized themselves into nation-states and are now electing heads. They’re also providing the mermen with equal rights. They’re trying, and with the help of their technology, they’ve been highly effective in keeping their existence hidden. It alone demonstrates how much ahead of us humans are. They’ve even been known to live among us without being discovered. As a result, we may encounter this exceptional situation in the future.



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