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What if the Greek Gods Were Real and Alive Right Now?


The Greek gods are one of mythology’s most famous and reproduced deities. The stories of these deities have fascinated people for thousands of years, and they continue to do so today. For example, what if the Greek gods were real? What kind of lives would they have lived? And what might they be up to right now? We’ll explore these questions and more in this article. 

What if the Greek Gods Were Real?

As we’ve seen, the Greek gods are authentic. They’ve been around for thousands of years, and they continue to be a part of modern culture. There are many myths associated with the Greek gods. In this article, we’ll investigate these myths and see what we can learn from them about the Greek gods as real-life people.

Let’s start by looking at what would have happened to some Greek gods had they ever lived in the real world. The Olympian pantheon is the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks this question. What kind of lives would they have lived?


If Zeus were granted human form, he would look different. He would also have dwarfing feet, hands with large and nimble fingers, and obesity that would make the fittest Olympic athletes look like children.

It has been claimed that Zeus was a “huge” man and that his height was between 6’3” and 6’6”. If that is the case, then we would have the dubious honour of being among the most prominent people in the history of humanity. It would be very unacceptable news for most people. However, if we assume a more realistic size range, we can easily see why this big manly god would be unappealing to most women. What woman would want to be surrounded by a cloud of testosterone every time she showers?

Apollo and Poseidon

Like Zeus, Apollo is also a major god in the Greek pantheon. Apollo is also very similar in appearance to the Roman god of the same name. In this case, the god would look like an Apollo typeset with short stature and a thin tail.

Poseidon is most commonly depicted as a bearded god with a trident. Unlike Apollo, who was mostly depicted as a god of light and healing, Poseidon is often depicted as a god of the sea and the storm. Some scholars believe that Poseidon has a more human-like appearance. In any case, he is widely known for his connection with the sea. 

It is one of the many legends that surround this Greek god. Another one is that Poseidon was one of the Titans who were said to have been rulers of the seas before they overthrew Gaia (the goddess of the Earth) and Hades (the god of the underworld). 

As allies of Zeus (the king of the gods), these Titans were worshipped as gods in their own right. Some believe that Poseidon was a war god who protected sailors on the high seas. He is also believed to have been the god of storms and wind.

Another Greek god that appears on our list is Poseidon. This sea god does, however, have a different appearance from his Roman equivalent. In this case, he would look more like a grizzled marine than an Apollo.

These are the gods we should be looking up to. These are the pantheon we should be honouring and worshipping. 

These are the figures we should be emulating. They are the role models we should be striving to be like. Most of the time, these are the gods we see depicted in our media. The Greeks were very familiar with the art of sculpture, and they would represent these deities in the form of statues. Even in the popular imagination, these deities are represented in human form.

In addition to his appearances in mythology, Poseidon is a significant character in modern culture. He is often depicted with the trident in one hand and a sea horse in the other. The horse is believed to represent his power over the seas, and the trident represents his power over the waters. 

Many believe we should carry the Poseidon name with pride and that those who ignore this one are ignoring something significant.

Hades and Dionysus

To finish off our list of Greek gods that would look familiar in our world, we have Hades, king of the dead, and Dionysus, god of the blind. Both of these deities are portrayed as being quite old, and they are entirely naked. Hades is reported to be a hermit who lives in the depths of the Earth, while Dionysus is a divine reveller who lights up the night in his honour.

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What Would Their Lives Look Like?

The lives of the Greek gods are well-documented in myths and legends. These stories have been told and retold for millennia, and it’s easy to forget that they might not be just stories. The gods in these myths are supposedly real and have lived real lives.

These are not just stories but realities that these gods have experienced. They have fears, dreams, goals, and strengths and weaknesses. They have families, friends, loves, and hates. 

How They Exercise

One of the striking things about the Greek gods is how much they seem to enjoy exercise. They’re all outdoorsy; they like to fish, hunt, run, and ride elephants, dragons and horses. The only one of the Greek gods that don’t seem to like to exercise is Hades, and he may never like it.

It’s also possible that the gods don’t like to exercise for the same reason that we don’t like to work out: it’s boring. The gods probably don’t like to exercise for a variety of other reasons as well, but we won’t get into those here. We’ll keep moving forward and assume that they don’t like to exercise because they don’t have to.

What Might Be Going On With the Greek Gods Right Now?

The Greek gods are very busy. To put it lightly, they don’t have the time for it. We’ve already discussed that Zeus is a very active god. He has a whole universe of responsibilities, from governing the heavens to provide for humanity. Many gods also have responsibilities to their families, which is why many gods are depicted with their own families. Hades, for example, has a wife and two children, and Zeus has a wife and three children.

Another responsibility many gods have is religious ones, which is why many gods are depicted with deities that wield major religious powers. These gods probably don’t have time to worry about us humans, so they might be busy worshipping their gods. Besides, it’s not like there’s anything we can do to help the Greek gods out. They’re stuck in a land that doesn’t exist, and we’re stuck in a world that does.

What Do the Greek Gods Do?

The Greek gods are mostly known for their power and might. People believed them to be the first race to use magic and demons, and they are also known for their incredibly advanced technologies and scientific understanding. However, the Greek gods didn’t just exist in myths. In reality, they were genuine, and many people around the globe worshipped them.

The Greek gods were known for their incredible power. They were rarely depicted as the kind of gods one might imagine. Instead, they were often portrayed as powerful and scary, although they were generally friendly and helpful. These gods were also known for their incredible might. 

People believed them to be among the mightiest deities in the entire universe, if not the entire cosmos. According to some theories, they were even the most powerful gods in the universe. It might sound like a crazy idea, but hear me out. Imagine that the Greek Gods were as powerful as we believed them to be. What would their lives look like?

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How Did the Greek Gods Get Their Powers?

The Greek gods needed to be influential to get their powers. To get their strength, they turned to human sacrifice. But that wasn’t the only way they got their strength. To get their incredible speed, the Greek gods turned to speed drinking. The famous Olympians, known for their incredible speed, are thought to have evolved from early humans who drank milk and fermented vegetables to gain speed and strength.

Like all races, humans developed a taste for wisdom teeth, and for the ancient Greeks, that meant getting them removed. To get their wisdom, the Greek gods turned to wisdom teeth removal. Luckily for us, the Greeks also removed their teeth, which have been preserved and studied. What if we could find out what happened to those teeth?

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Where Do the Greek Gods Come From?

The Greeks also believed that their gods came from planet Earth. It is called origin myth, and the Greeks had some of the most complex origin mythologies in the history of the human race. The most famous Greek myth is the story of Zeus, the king of the gods, and his wife, Hera, the goddess of thunder and the sky. 

They had two children with this marriage: a son called Cronus, who was a god of the cycle of seasons, and a daughter called Rhea, who was a goddess of the company of the gods and the harvest. After a time, Zeus grew tired of his wife and children, exiling them to the planet earth, which he had also made from the Titans. From that moment on, the Greek gods lived on Earth as humans. 

They were worshipped as gods, but they were also human. What if they had always been both human and gods?

Why Do We Think the Greek Gods Are Out of This World?

There are a few reasons why we think the Greek Gods are out of this world. First, they are the only gods who were never depicted in a negative light. The gods were always depicted as perfect and balanced, as though they had always existed. Second, the Greek Gods are the only gods who are almost always depicted with hair. It is almost nowhere to be found in the existing pantheon of modern deities. 

To the rest of the pantheon, we see bald gods. It is a big no-no in the world of gods. There are very few exceptions to this rule, but one of them is Hera, the queen of the gods. Hera is depicted with long, flowing hair, which is our image of her in our heads. Finally, and most importantly, the Greek Gods are the only gods who can influence human history. 

Let’s say, for example, that we have found a way to travel to ancient times and meet with the Greek gods and goddesses. And let’s say we can explain to them our current situation and what we have done to change it. What would they think of us?

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Are There Any Greek Gods Left Today?

Despite all of these reasons, we don’t know for sure. We know that the Olympians were replaced as the deified race in Greek mythology after the Trojan War. There is no record of the Greek gods ever having passed away and no record of them ever being replaced as deities by other deities.

 The Romans replaced the Olympians as the deified race, which is likely what happened in real life. However, the Greeks never really lost their godhead. They just lost their place in the pantheon of gods.


Many believe that the Greek gods are real. They’ve been around millennia and are part of modern culture. They have families, loves, and lives as we do. They have different skills and abilities that come into play when it matters most.

The Greek gods are like you—they have fears, dreams, and goals like you. They have relationships just like you do. They happen to be worshipped by people worldwide, which is probably the biggest testament to their reality. If you are interested, you might want to learn more about the Greek gods or at least meet a few.



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