Belief and OpinionsThe Conspiracy Theorist's Take: Was The Moon Landing Fake?

The Conspiracy Theorist’s Take: Was The Moon Landing Fake?


Do you think that the iconic photograph of a group of astronauts walking on the moon’s surface in 1969 was a fake? Or that the moon landing was a hoax? If yes, then you’re not alone. The world is filled with people who don’t know the real history of the moon landing. And recently, not much has changed.

The Apollo 11 Was Faked

There’s no doubt that Apollo 11 was the most famous space mission. It paved the way for all other missions that followed after it. But is the whole thing a lie? In 1969, the United States sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon. It was not only the first time humans walked on the moon; it was also the first time the world saw a video of it.

But conspiracy theorists say that the photo was faked. They believe that the astronauts were standing on the moon’s surface but that the photo was staged. They say that the whole mission was filmed and then faked to look like the first humans ever walked on the moon.

Conspiracy theories about the moon landing continue to surface decades after the event. And the reason for it? The conspirators can’t accept that the United States beat Russia to the punch and landed a human being on the moon first. The conspiracy theorists are sure that the whole thing was a lie. We’ll find out below why they think so.

There’s no doubt that the United States successfully landed a man on the moon. And the most iconic photograph of the event, of astronauts walking on the moon’s surface, is undoubtedly real. 

The famous photograph of Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and the crew standing on the moon was taken by former NASA employee Greg K. Sullivan, a photographer for the space program. The photo was snapped by Mr. Sullivan, who also took most of the other photographs of the Apollo missions, including the one that showed the crew walking on the moon.

A NASA employee was the first person to take a photograph of the Apollo 11 crew on the moon. The famous photograph wasn’t taken by a member of the US Astronaut Corps. It wasn’t taken by any member of the US Astronaut Corps at all.

People Believe The Moon Landings Were Faked, But Why?

The primary reason why people believe the moon landings were faked is because of a lack of trust in government and the media. After all, the United States was behind a total fake what the people saw as their government. But, the media and government are not the ones who fake events. It’s pretty easy to fake a moon landing. While there are many reasons why conspiracy theories exist, the trust issue is the most likely reason.

What’s Wrong With Believing The Moon Landings Were Faked?

The first thing to note is that there’s almost no evidence to support the fake moon landing theory. NASA even has a video proving that the astronauts walked on the moon. There is also no evidence that NASA faked the moon landings, so this is not something they are hiding.

Furthermore, more importantly, this theory doesn’t make any sense. To believe the moon landings were faked, you must be convinced that a government would lie and fake an event with national implications. The moon landing was a literal step towards bettering humanity. If you believe they faked it, then why would you think the government would be willing to lie so hard?

The Theory That NASA And The US Government Faked The Moon Landing

This theory is relatively simple. NASA launched Apollo 11, and NASA and the US government then faked the moon landing footage. Some believe that the footage was altered, and others believe a hoax never even happened.

There are some holes in the theory that you should focus on. First, the government couldn’t have faked this event by itself. After all, the United States has only been able to launch humans into space for a short period. If the government faked this event, there should be evidence of a government agency faking a landing on the moon. There is no evidence that the government faked the moon landing.

The Theory That Aliens Faked The Moon Landing

This theory is related to the previous one. If you believe the government faked the moon landings, you likely believe aliens faked it. After all, a government would have to have helped the astronauts fake the landing to make it feasible.

There are a few holes in this theory too. The fact is that multiple cameras set up by NASA filmed the moon landing. The footage is also publicly available so that it wouldn’t be too hard to fake.

The Moon Landing Was Staged

It is perhaps the most common theory, and it makes a lot of sense. The moon landing was real, but it was staged. The Apollo astronauts were filmed in a studio while someone else filmed shots of Earth from space and sent them back to Earth.

The setup would be complicated, but the footage would look authentic. It is the only way that NASA would be able to fake the landing of astronauts on the moon. However, it’s also the most possible of the fake moon landing theories.

Photo By: NASA/ Unsplash

There’s No Oxygen on the Moon

Lastly, the moon landings weren’t actually about oxygen. What’s most likely behind this fake moon landing conspiracy theory is that oxygen doesn’t exist on the moon. There is enough oxygen on the moon for astronauts to survive for a short time, but that’s about it.

Likely, they just used oxygen to keep the fake moon landing conspiracy theory alive. NASA has never tried to debunk these fake moon conspiracy theories actively, and perhaps they shouldn’t have to. After all, they did go to the trouble of filming the moon landing live on screen.

The Moon Landings Were Never Even Attempted

Apollo astronauts did land on the moon, but they were on training missions. The Apollo missions were not actual moon landings. Instead, these were exploratory missions to learn more about the moon.

NASA only made these missions public before they could safely return to Earth. After all, there was a concern that the astronauts would be killed if they couldn’t safely launch back to Earth.

In addition to this, the last Apollo mission was Apollo 17, not the final Apollo mission. NASA said that the purposes of these missions were to learn about the environment and determine what it would take to land humans on the moon safely.

The Soviets Faked The Moon Landings

The Soviets did get close to being able to fake the moon landing. Even though the Soviets could launch a few rockets into space, they never sent people on it. The closest the Soviets came to successfully sending people to the moon was Project Apollo.

Project Apollo was a joint NASA-Soviet Union project. However, the Soviets only got as far as launching a rocket into space. The rocket never returned to Earth, and the Soviets didn’t attempt to go through with a moon landing.

It is likely why some people believe the Soviets faked the moon landings. It’s also likely why some people believe the US government faked the moon landing.

There Was A Secret Camera On The Lunar Lander

The United States might have won the race to the moon, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t cheat. In the mid-1960s, NASA experimented with high-speed cameras mounted on their rockets to record the falling of the vehicles. They fed the images to NASA’s ground control to help them determine the trajectories of the rockets.

There were also cameras inside the lunar orbiters, which provided live footage of the landing to NASA’s engineers. But what if there was a camera on the lunar lander, secretly recording the astronauts as they walked on the moon?

NASA employees might have been paranoid about being recorded, but you don’t have to be. The lunar lander was only a tiny part of the Apollo 11 mission. The United States might have been the first to walk on the moon, but other countries still have a long way before matching the American standard.

The mission also included a robotic arm and a lunar module designed to operate independently of the astronauts. Perhaps, the camera inside the lunar module was recording the astronauts as they walked on the moon.

Photo By :
Kobby Mendez/ Unsplash

The Astronauts Are Actors

If you’re one of those people who think the astronauts were tricked into going to the moon, then this one is for you. The conspiracists are sure that the whole moon landing was a hoax. And their evidence is the astronauts. The famous photograph of the three men standing on the moon’s surface is eerily similar to a photograph of three men standing on the set of “The Poseidon Adventure,” a film released in 1973. The two photographs are so similar that some people think they were Photoshopped together.

There are other photographs of the crew that look too polished and too good to be accurate. The conspiracists think that they were doctored, perhaps by Photoshop. And they think that NASA employees were behind this too. When NASA sent the first men to the moon, they didn’t send just three men. They sent six astronauts. But three of them were the real deal, while three others were actors. Perhaps the astronauts were all actors.

The CIA Got Their Hands On Photoshop

Photoshop might have been invented in the early 1980s, but NASA used it during the 1969 moon landing. NASA employees had access to the advanced image-editing software, which allowed them to crop and edit images as they pleased. For example, they could have doctored the famous photograph of the Apollo 11 crew standing on the moon’s surface. But what if the conspiracy theorists are wrong? What if the photograph was genuine?

The photograph of the Apollo 11 crew on the moon’s surface is actual. NASA employees didn’t doctor it, nor is it Photoshopped; the photograph is genuine. The conspiracists might be on to something. NASA employees might have been able to crop the image and edit it to look like they took it in the studio. But the photo is genuine.

The Astronauts Never Walked On The Moon

Apollo 11 was the United States’s first manned mission to the moon. But was it the only one? Perhaps, before the Apollo 11 mission, there were other manned missions to the moon. Perhaps, these missions were all part of a vast conspiracy. NASA was leading the world in space exploration. And they were faked.

One of the most famous conspiracy theories is that the United States did not walk on the moon alone. They walked with the help of the Soviet Union. The United States faked the lunar landing, but the Soviet Union sent their cosmonauts to the moon first. The Soviets swam in zero-gravity chambers, and they came back to Earth with stories about being on the moon. On the other hand, the Americans didn’t want to come back from the moon and tell their stories to the world. They faked it all, and the Apollo 11 photo was the result.

Photo By :
Adam Miller/ Unsplash

Buzz Aldrin was the second person to walk on the moon. He was the second man to step foot on the moon, and he did so in the Apollo 11 mission. The Apollo 11 mission also had Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin astronauts.

But Aldrin was also a man who was prone to exaggeration. Aldrin writes that he could walk on the moon and make a sandwich. But that doesn’t mean that Aldrin did. In his autobiography, “Magnificent Desolation,” he claims to have walked on the moon.

The truth might be that Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon and that the photographer who captured the famous photograph of the Apollo 11 crew standing on the moon’s surface was a NASA employee. The photograph was not captured by a member of the US Astronaut Corps. And Buzz Aldrin never walked on the moon.

There’s A Secret Space Program

The space program is a source of pride for the United States. An achievement like the Apollo 11 was improbable to happen. It is why many people think that the whole thing was faked. And what better way for the government to fake an accomplishment like that than by creating a space program? According to them, they took photos of the moon landing and all other missions in secret locations. The government then took the photos with special cameras that the public couldn’t use.

This way, they can show the world that they’re doing great behind-the-screens things like building artificial suns and sending rovers to other planets. They say this is all part of a grand government conspiracy to trick the people.

Fake Moon Dust

The Apollo 11 mission was the first to leave behind a piece of graffiti on the moon. But did you know that it was fake too? The astronauts’ photos on the moon show that they planted one flag in the lunar dust. There’s no way they could have done that without leaving a trace. And yet, the astronauts didn’t leave behind a single footprint either. Conspiracy theorists say that the whole thing was staged. They believe that the astronauts used a special powder that can erase all traces of footprints and flags without even touching the lunar dust.

The Color Film

The moon landing was a very public spectacle. There were hundreds of news organizations covering the event, and millions of people watched it. It would have been impossible to fake if not because it was a TV event. But conspiracy theorists say that the whole thing was staged. They believe that the Apollo 11 mission had three cameras. One was taking the photos, and two were filming the astronauts walking on the moon. What the hoaxers don’t agree on, though, is what happened to the third camera.

The Reflector

The Apollo 11 astronauts left behind a laser reflector. It was supposed to send a signal from the moon back to Earth. According to conspiracy theorists, this was another fake. They say that the reflector was a fake too. The conspiracy theorists believe that the reflector was just a box planted on the moon.

Planting the Fake Flag

The flag left behind by the Apollo 11 astronauts was supposed to stay on the moon for at least two years before it was supposed to be collected. But according to the conspiracy theorists, the flag was fake too. What they say is that they planted the flag on the lunar surface. The astronauts then took it back to Earth and planted it safely. The hoaxers believe that the whole thing was staged like this to fool people into thinking that they planted the flag on the lunar surface.


The moon landing was the most famous event in history. It was also a very public spectacle. And as such, it would be tough to fake. Conspiracy theorists believe that the whole thing was staged. They claim that the photos of the moon landing were fake. Was the moon landing a hoax, or did the astronauts go to the moon? The truth is out there.

5 famous moon landing conspiracy theories debunked



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