TechnologyVR Escape Room: An Adventurous New World

VR Escape Room: An Adventurous New World


There will be days when all you would want to do is escape and take a break from your hectic life.

No, in this article I would not suggest you go on a solo trip, take a relaxing break, go to Spain like they do in movies and enjoy.

I know it’s sometimes not possible and not at all economical.

I also know that even if you go on a break, there might be a handful of thoughts that won’t let you enjoy anything.

This may require many days off, holidays from your daily routine, and it might be expensive for a few.

But how about just giving yourself one to two hours a day and having a mind-refreshing and amazing experience.

Here I am directing you towards a VR escape room, which can be your new doorway to escapism.

Virtual Reality Escape Room, VR Escapism

You would be very well aware of the concept called “escape room”, where you play some games like puzzle solving, completing tasks and missions, etc.

so that you can solve the problem or the mystery and escape the room.

To escape themselves from reality, players often involve themselves in these types of activities to take a break from reality, relax their minds, and engage themselves in the games to escape the room.

By playing these types of games, people often feel refreshed, and confident.

Similarly, in the VR escape room, players would be able to play games and immerse themselves in a unique and amazing experience through virtual reality.

1. What Makes VR Escape Rooms Stand Out?

Virtual reality is a made-up reality with a simulated environment generated by using different computer software to make the virtual environment appear like a realistic world.

It is made to immerse the user in those computerized objects and scenes to make the user feel like where they are standing, the things surrounding them are realistic.

Immersive simulations help participants connect and interact with that computerized environment, which is nothing but a virtual reproduction of an actual environment or the real world.

Virtual reality” is a concept, or you can say this technology has been beneficial for entertainment as well as commercial purposes.

People have started using this technology personally as well as to solve major problems.

VR escape room
Photo by: Brian Penny/ Pixabay/ Copyright 2023

So why not make full use of this VR technology in one of the most adventurous and fun sectors, which keeps people engaged no matter what their age is?

And one of these sectors is the gaming sector. But to get the best experience, you will need a virtual reality headset.

You can play solo or with your friends and immerse yourself completely in VR escape room games just at your home if you have a VR headset, headphones, and a controller.

You can make your house party or a regular catch-up session with your friends more interesting and fun.

However, there’s a possibility that if you’re playing an action game, a horror game, or any other game that requires a lot of movement, you might unintentionally bump into a sofa or other piece of furniture in your house and get injured.

You may also trip down, and there might be some serious accidents.

And even if you manage to be careful and avoid all these circumstances, at some point, you may get bored just by playing the game all alone every day.

Like every business starts for giving solutions to many people, in this case also VR escape rooms now with entertainment purpose it has become a part of the business.

We can find cyber cafés in each city, and now we are able to find VR escape rooms in many cities.

Basically, there is a huge dark room, some business owners make it appear like a fantasy land, where you can take your family or your friends, pay some minimum charges, which are according to a per-hour basis, can experience and play different escape room games over there virtually.

You will be provided with a body suit, VR headset, controller, and other gear attached to one cable. With your friends, you can be the actual character and control the game.

And the whole room will be empty, giving you the complete freedom to roam without any obstacles and get the best experience.

2. VR As a Form of Escapism

While playing any VR escape room games, you will get a larger-than-life experience. You can get those “main character vibes” through those games by leading and controlling the game.

You can put yourself in danger and save the world, or you can even play and fight with the deadliest monsters, or even fly a fighter jet.

All these will be done by getting a realistic experience, which is next to impossible to experience these kinds of things in the real world.

VR escape room
Photo by: SHVETS Production/ Pexels/ Copyright 2021

There are two options available in this VR escape room, first is the VR escape room – normal mode, where you can wear VR gear and play with your friends in a particular room with lots of space.

Second is, VR escape room – hybrid mode, where you will be in one room with your friends, similar to normal mode, but depending on which game you are playing, you will experience physical special effects.

For instance, if you are playing a game where suddenly a windstorm comes into the scene, while playing you will feel the wind blowing.

If you are playing some racing game and hit your car somewhere, you will feel the jerk, or your chair will start rumbling.

In other words, real world inputs or effects are being added in this mode.

There are many famous VR escape room games like “Last Labyrinth”, “I expect you to die”, “The Room VR: A Dark Matter”, “Red Matter”, and many more.

You can decide where you want to escape, and as per your preference, you can choose any game or any genre from the variety of themes.

3. Conclusion

If you are not into action or games involving body movements, you may think this technology is not for you. But you are wrong.

You can play light-hearted, or any role – playing games and experience this invention.

There are shooting genres, puzzle solving, and many more where you just have to use your skills and showcase them.

And in your childhood, if you loved to play treasure hunting, then there are many VR escape room games based on finding treasure, but some might be horror games as well.

VR escape room
Photo by: Tima Miroshnichenko/ Pexels/ Copyright 2020

The VR escape room is not just a game to be entertained with, but with them, players develop many physical, problem solving and decision-making skills.

Vini Darbar
Vini Darbar
Vini comes from a mass media background and is a writer by passion. Her articles for Icy Destiny serve as a source from which she can share her unique perspective and unique creative vision with the world. Traveling and writing are not only mere tasks for her, but a big part of her life. And you will understand this when you read her articles. Education/Qualification: Mass Communication


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