Scientific FantasyCharcoal Black Sky: A Bonanza For Life Or An...

Charcoal Black Sky: A Bonanza For Life Or An End Forever?

As humans, we have ascribed certain automated codes in our bodies to adapt to a particular level of comfort. And, at times, moving out of that comfort zone gives one a chill, shivers down the spine and makes the human ponder on how will he or she mold according to this all together 'new' place where they then find themselves all alone, alienated. At times, it feels like entering a black sky. We fear to imagine the worst-case scenarios, petrified by the aftermath it may have.


Imagine if the sun disappeared completely, leaving behind a charcoal black sky?

Or if the dusk never set into dawn and the only way to possibly trace out human presence from between the black sky was by flashing light from torches.

Frightening, right?

by Falara / unlimphotos

Marianne Williamson once said, “Behind every dark cloud there is an every-shining sun which will shine to triumph over all the black sky. Just wait. In time, the cloud will float past the black sky.”

But what if the dense dark clouds never transcend from the black sky? What if the black sky grows deeper? What if it leaves humankind devoid, scrounging for hope in the diminished strokes of sunlight?

Will mankind transcend into a black era, or is this ‘black’ indicative of life and rebirth?

Light is the beacon of power and hope. However, there can be a black sky accumulating and trying to overshadow its existence. The black sky is like a dead hole where all the hopes, dreams, fantasies, and desires get burned down into frothy black ash.

However, black is the only raw form of Life. It smirks at the beginning and end of changes. Changes, big or small, are a part of the process called growth. And, growth isn’t colorful, it is Black.

A. What will a day with a black sky look like?

Envisage a hypothetical scenario where the stars disappear from the sky leaving behind a starless, black sky. And, then suddenly, one day the sun disappears too! Only a black canvas remains waiting to be painted with its destiny.

A sky with neither Sun nor Stars. How would it be? Black, right? Black in hope, with a lack of shape.

Just imagine a completely black sky, it is bound to give your goosebumps and shiver down the spine. The Earth which was lush green and of intense blue color till then completely gets changed to being charcoal-black.

Doesn’t it seem so unnatural? How would life seem then? Will life survive? Will human beings survive? Or will they perish?

Chilly Black Winter Morning, 6:20 AM

(While the sky is still wrapped in shades of black, I could hear the screech of radio trying to catch the signal in the black background)

The news in a broken and rough-hewn voice starts, “It is quite an unusual day in the history of Earth. For some reason, it seems like this is a sequel to the black hole, a black day. Never have we ever witnessed a tumultuous event like this. Does it embark the end of the present human race and the start of a new generation?”

The Science Laboratory unusually discovered that the stars are disappearing from the sky, one by one, leaving behind a sky that is black as charcoal. The laboratory had previously predicted that if human activities continued, a black, sun(-less) day is coming near and it seems the prediction is coming true.

If the sun leaves the sky, there is no hiding the fact of the whirlwind predicaments it shall bring along.

People all around the world are fearing that is this the end of their life on Earth? Will they have to face an end so achromatic, so black? Earth, the only planet sustaining life, will it collapse so soon, or is it the prologue to another Big Bang Theory?

Well, who knows? It all seems nothing more than a sort of predictor game, with only and only the humans as its controllers.

B. What will happen if the black sky becomes our future?

What if you wake up to eerie, astray sounds amidst the ruffling of tender leaves against the backdrop of a pit-black sky?

What if humans sleep under the shelter of the black clouds hovering above, never to wake up again?

What if they never sleep, fearing the astray black darkness will envelop them?

Sun has been the primary source of procuring light and energy for people since epsilons. Even imagining an Earth without Sun is a riddle. How can one even think in black? How do the ideas vent out? The absence of the Sun attributes to the lack of natural light source, leaving behind a mast of darkness.

As said, light and enlightenment are the two golden keys to a bright and intellectual life. Without light, there shall be no development, no innovation, no movement. The Earth will be tranquil and still just as it was before the evolution of Homo Sapiens.

Quite similar to “Keeping Quiet,” a poem by Pablo Neruda that portrays peace, fraternity, and unity by keeping quiet and taking out time for self-introspection and evaluation. It would be an Earth with no wars, no confusion, and no pollution. The notions of “Black” and “White” will then have new holders.

by georgeburba / unlimphotos

Sun has always been analogous to sustainability on Earth. The Sun is an inseparable and undetachable element to Earth. It is that crucial piece that completes every puzzle. The Sun nurtures the Earth. Without it, the dawn of an end will embark. An Earth with no construction and life but only destruction, no repair, devoid of any care.

The oceans will transmute to becoming all black, freezing into polar ice caps, temperatures shall scrounge up, afforestation to deforestation, and a reverse Life Cycle shall revolve. If a charcoal-black sky is the forever, it will scrub the lives of those dwelling on the Earth under the stigma of debts of misfortune.

Nightfall”, a 1941 science-fiction short story by Isaac Asimov, an American writer, revolves around the coming of darkness to planetary folks who want to be illuminated by sunlight all the time.

Well, while that was just a fictional account but what if those words get a life? What if the Earth witnesses a time where the day seems night, and the night grows even densely wild, even black? Well, not only will this bring about darkness but will also embark on the farewell of seasons, with only one evergreen and constant season remaining the winters.

Leaving the whole Earth in freezing darkness, devoid of seasonal variations, and warm sunlight, the black sky will prove destructive to the flora and fauna dwelling on this macrocosm.

C. Have you ever wondered?

Well, for some reason, this might all seem a scary fantasy, but there is no doubt that it can soon turn out to be a reality witnessing the colossal destruction humans inflict on Mother Earth.

Rain is to be believed a product of the Water Cycle. While the rain does originate from the Water Cycle, on the other hand, it is also something more than that. It is the plight of Earth. It is also the consequence of all the pain and atrocities inflicted by Humans. When in control, it nurtures life. But, in adverse cases, it also uproots and dissolves constructions into the mud.

If there is an imbalance in the Earth’s rotation and revolution, the seasons, weather, and the day-and-night cycle will be disrupted. It may lead to elongated days and shorter nights in some regions, or vice versa in others. Implying intense illumination in some regions while complete darkness in others.

For example, Norway witnesses day and night for a period of six months each, meaning people living there as compared to other regions’ twenty-four hours, have a day for six months and a night for six months as compared to five hours in other regions.

Third, about half of the total percentage of inhabitants on Earth are employed in secondary or tertiary activities. They work in factories that produce pollution, smoke, and dust. These minuscule particles, get mixed up with the fresh air and pollute it, thus, unbalancing the proportion between the oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen levels. This can add up to the density of the air and darken the days.

Towards the end, there’s no sorcery denying the fact that compares and contrasts the two versions of the charcoal-black sky this article discusses. While the former can be a possible scientific discovery in the near future, the latter is crystally the aftermath of treacherous human activities.

Just like science and Man are both competitive with each other. But every dark cloud has a silver lining and it by far depends upon an individual as to how he or she perceives the results to be.

Reality hits hard. But, there always is a significant time from when the reality strikes us to when it happens and if we try hard, we can steer the wheels in our fortune. Black or bright, it is the human who chooses to decide what shall subside.

Even when the stars reduced to be counted on fingers,
The never-ending human greed still lingers.

Into the transitory,
Not to be spotted by the human visionary.

How fluffed up now is the (black) sky,
The year 2050 sees no passer-by!
Not too wry as it is the Earth (all black now) that cries.

The black sky is a metaphor for human life. It is a rat-trap, wherein humans, when enchanted by the baits set by it, get entrapped.

Being subjugated to individual differences, individuals choose to decide if the black sky is a kaleidoscope to infinite possibilities or an invitation to unimagined impossibilities. The same sky for some can be black, while for the other a grey sky. Because it’s not the color of the sky that matters, “the balance between the pains or the pleasures they hold within them dictates if the charcoal of their sky will be black, grey or white.”

Khushi Mohunta
Khushi Mohunta
"We're all broken, that's how the light gets in." Khushi Mohunta is an 18-year-old author based in Sirsa. She is pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities. With an equal interest in the fields of English and Psychology, she also has editorial zeal. She adheres to the saying “looks can be deceptive” and would be found in her own cocoon- reading and composing. Khushi always perpetuates for new horizons even in the adversity, because rest is mere transitory in her facet. From writing poems on sui generis days of her clan members to being orchestrated with the cognomen of Chief Editor of her school, she bloomed. According to her, “Words can paint constellation’s breathing stars into dwindling lives.” Linguaphile and an admirer of the literary world, she vehemently believes in the allotrope; “Pen is mightier than the sword.”



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