Scientific FantasyLizards Are Aliens Who Spy On Us. It's True!

Lizards Are Aliens Who Spy On Us. It’s True!


With more than 6,000 species existing worldwide, lizards are a diverse group of squamate reptiles that are unique, quirky, even fascinating. Except Antarctica and some other oceanic islands, they can be found in almost every corner of the world. While most people find lizards creepy and disgusting, there are a lot of people who don’t mind a lizard as their houseguest. But lizards are definitely not one of us.

Lizards might just be extraterrestrial creatures who are spying on the human race. There is ample evidence to believe that. You can take an idea from the Black Mirror episode Hated in the Nation in which the government used artificially engineered bees as a disguise to carry on societal surveillance. Only this time, it’s an alien species watching our every move – lizards.

Lizards are always watching us

Have you noticed how they stare at you from the corner of your room ceiling? Have you ever wondered why they do that? In fact, did you know that some lizards have their top and bottom eyelids joined together so that they can see different directions at the same time? This could be an excellent way to keep a watchful eye on human activities.

Most importantly, if you watch closely, you will notice that these creatures spend an awful lot of time remaining static in their position, whether on the wall, the floor or the ceiling. Why do they do that? Perhaps, they observe and collect information about us only to transmit them to the outside world with the help of their even creepier tail (that probably works as an antenna).

Lizards have extraordinary survival skills

Lizards are born with insane survival skills. The dietary requirements of lizards are modest. While some lizards can live on just three meals a year, other lizard subspecies can even go their entire lives without drinking water. Thus, they do not even demand a hefty lot of resources to replenish themselves to continue their watch-keeping on us.

This makes it a lot easier for any extraterrestrial presence to use lizards as spying devices as their nutritional upkeep is minimal.

Now, think about it.

  • Lizards have ability to climb and crawl on walls and ceiling with the help of their specially-designed feet,
  • They can defy the laws of gravity, which gives them and edge to reach insignificant corners of your surroundings that often go unnoticed.

They have unusual physiology – not very common among worldly creatures

Given that their primary aim is to spy on us without letting us understand it, these creatures aren’t particularly threatening. But when it comes to escape reflex, lizards have it top-notch.

Lizard’s superpowers?

  • As an attempt to flee from their predators, lizards will often detach their tail from the body to be able to run quickly.
  • It’s possible that they do this in exceptional circumstances, such as when their cover is about to be blown and their extraterrestrial secret is to be revealed.

When other kinds of life get too close to these strange creatures, in periods of intense emergency, they sever the tail from their bodies to protect themselves and their well-maintained disguise.

The Other Lizard Powers

Autohemorrhaging is a protective mechanism used by lizards to frighten predators away when they get too close.

  • Lizards may spew blood from their eyes to a distance of up to four feet using this method.
  • They most likely do this when they are in danger of being exposed and the data they have gathered by continually watching us is in jeopardy.
  • The fact that they shed their tails under duress can also be a way to transmit the data onto their original source.
  • By detaching their body from the tail, they send a signal through which all the data stored in the tail gets transferred to an outside source.

Most regular lizards are either brown or nude in color which further aids their disguise as this allows them to camouflage easily into your surroundings. Additionally, these are small creatures that barely make any sound. You might not even know if there’s one present around you right now.

by MilanMarkovic78 / unlimphotos

Lizards are always around us

Be it your home, office, car, school or even a restaurant or a shopping complex. A lizard is likely to be everywhere. Unlike cockroaches and other insects, the existence of lizards in your surroundings does not necessarily mean that the particular area is unclean or unhygienic.

It’s just that these are extremely adaptable creatures and they can survive anywhere, under any climatic conditions.

In fact, lizards are found in almost all continents except Antarctica. They are one of the most widely existing creatures in the whole world and there has to be a reason behind this. Why do lizards have the ability to survive everywhere?

Why is their genetic makeup so unique and thriving? Could it be so that they can watch over us all the time, irrespective of the time, place and setting? Could it be that lizards belong to a clan of higher beings who possess the extraordinary power to withstand all living conditions?

The Lizard-People Controversy Theory and why it might be true

According to a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, around 12 million people in the United States believe that extraterrestrial lizards in human skins dominate the country. Keep in mind that this number may not include all of the people who, deep down, believe in lizard people but are afraid of being discovered if they publicly declare their beliefs.

The Reptilian Conspiracy Theories

One of these theories originated and was popularized by David Icke who believed that shape-shifting reptilian aliens often take up human power to hold powerful political posts and take control of the world.

These are Lizard People, scientifically known as reptilians, who are cold-blooded humanoid space aliens with the ability to transform into humans. They are popular in fantasy and science-fiction.

  • World Leaders

Since ancient times, these creatures have had their claws in humanity, and David Icke’s popular theory considers that world leaders such as Queen Elizabeth, George W. Bush, the Clintons, and Bob Hope have all been lizard people.

  • Ancient Reptile Aliens

Zecharia Sitchin, a shipping magnate and self-taught archaeologist who theorized that the ancient Sumerian pantheon were actually reptilian aliens, influenced Icke’s theories in the 1970s. Legendary gold-mining sites, according to Sitchin, were actually distorted records of alien mining activities.

The mines of King Solomon, which Sitchin believed were at Ophir, Rhodesia, belonged among them. Lizard People according to true believers, dominate the globe through the Babylonian Brotherhood, a group for whom the Illuminati is a cover.

Where did the Lizard people Originate?

Lizard people are considered to have originated in the constellation Draco, while some hypotheses suggest that reptoids may have originated in other constellations such as Sirius and Orion.

Draco is, of course, the constellation that is said to be structured like a dragon, or Draconem, which means “great snake” in Latin. It is the eighth most massive constellation in the sky. Draco’s reptoids are thought to be tall with retractable wings.

In our attempt to discern whether we are alone on this universe or not, we have been continually conditioned to search interstellar space for extraterrestrial beings or aliens.

However, instead of hunting for sentient life forms apart from humans on other planets or in space, we could examine the Earth’s tens of thousands of miles of underground tunnels, caverns, and cave systems.

Lizards are Everywhere! 

Scientists recently revised their identified animal species list, bringing the total number of species to 1.2 million, with an estimated total of 8.7 million. That implies we have yet to meet the remaining 86 percent, or the vast majority, of life forms with which we share our small, blue planet.

Under this context, it can’t be ruled out entirely that what we think of as aliens, which are essentially creatures that humans have yet to uncover, could be lurking among us on our own planet.

They see you! 

As strange as it may sound, the lizard moving up your wall right now could be monitoring your behavior and transmitting it to the Lizard People’s world so that they can create more plausible humanoid aliens who fit in with the rest of humanity.

They use their detachable tails as a transmission channel to communicate with their alien counterparts on the outside world and that is why when faced with unprecedented circumstances, quite conveniently sever their tail from the body to flee.

These lizards are capable of creating a replica of oneself by closely and covertly watching your behavior, learning about your personal life and the way you react to your environment, so that when the time comes, you are replaced by this same clone.

Or, it may be that they learn about your characteristics in order to inhabit your body and manipulate your actions as part of the human world. Imagine how easy it would be for these aliens to take over our world if this misfortune befalls prominent international leaders like the US President or the Queen of England.

Although Lizard People are essentially created by intricately cloning real life humans, there are some parameters considered by Bump, who is one of the most popular Lizard People journalist, that sets apart these creatures from the rest of human kind. If you’re looking to identify a Lizard Person, watch out for these characteristics in them:

  • Predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon – considering their ability to adapt or fit into the human world, these people are much like the lizard subspecies chameleons.
  • Blue eyes – generally associated with good-looks, makes them more intimidating and less questionable in today’s aesthetically driven world.
  • Piercing eyes – so that others can’t easily figure out the act that they’re putting up.
  • True red or reddish hair – this makes them stand out as distinct public figures.
  • A sense of not belonging to the human race – literally, duh!
  • Low blood pressure – justified, considering that they are essentially alien creatures embodied as humans, biological disparity is common.
  • Deep compassion for fate of mankind – a farce that is common among human politicians too, in order to gain control.
  • Keen sight or hearing – of course, what other way is there to be watchful?
  • Psychic abilities– superpowers are common among extraterrestrial species.
  • Unexplained scars on body – perhaps their transformation from alien lizard to Lizard People wasn’t very full-proof.
  • UFO connections – they ought to be aware of their origin.
  • Capability to disrupt electrical appliances – again, superpowers.
  • Love of space and science – they can’t help but show your love for the outer space cause that’s where they belong to. And of course they understand science better than us humans.
  • Alien contacts – literally their family.
  • Lizard People hold power everywhere around us. According to David Icke, they are our presidents, CEOs, Oscar-winning performers, and Grammy-winning singers, and they are to blame for the Holocaust, the Oklahoma City bombings, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Here is a detailed video on how to identify a humanoid reptilian.

360 Video: People of Earth | How to Catch a Reptilian | TBS

The 80s TV Show called V

The letter “V” is the symbol that is spray-painted on posters representing extraterrestrial races who have arrived on Earth and is used as a symbol of resistance by individuals who oppose the aliens. The aliens, who are reptilian in appearance, disguise themselves as humans in order to catch them off guard.

They claim that their planet is in desperate need of a chemical compound and beg for human assistance in obtaining it. They promise to tell the humans about their scientific and technological advances in exchange.

The reptilians end up freeloading water and cryogenically freezing individuals to take back to their planet as food, much to the shock of the humans. The series follows Michael Donovan, a journalist, and a gang of rebels as they attempt to preserve the world by fighting the aliens.

Will Lizards Take Over the World?

Cut to the real world, a setting like this is most likely to happen if Lizard People get their way around our world. Considering that they barely require any resources to survive themselves, they might just create a way to deplete all of ours by seeping into our world and learning our ways.

As these creatures go unnoticed, they might crawl into nuclear factories or medicine laboratories to learn our scientific developments and use them against us. Apart from being able to possess humans, these lizards might even end up hampering other life forms on our planet in order to survive. This will include birds and other predatory animals that feed on lizards, thereby disrupting the entire ecosystem of our planet.

J.K. Rowling Thinks Lizards Have Darker Powers too!

Consider the deadly Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets if you want to get a sense of how lethal lizards may be.

These are terrifying monsters that may survive for a thousand years and kill with a single glance. If lizards are spying on humanity in order to gain world dominance, it’s reasonable to assume that they’re relegating this information to an extraterrestrial creature like the Basilisk.

If such a creature is to descend upon our planet, be rest assured that none of humankind will remain, cause unlike the Harry Potter world, we aren’t gifted with magic wands.

While most fans consider the Basilisk to be a snake, here’s why the Basilisk in Harry Potter is actually a legless lizard. Quite interestingly, there also exists a lizard subspecies called the Basilisk that can run on water. Owing to this extraordinary ability, these lizards have literally been named as Jesus Christ lizards!

And if lizards are actually undercover aliens studying human behavior, then their bodies could act as devices to transmit electric signals, the tail acting as an antenna.

How have these lizard-aliens come to exist on earth?

Luis Walter Alvarez, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and his geologist son Walter proposed a notion in 1980 that a huge asteroid hitting with Earth which caused immediate devastation in the local region, as well as the extensive subsequent consequences, one of which was the extinction of dinosaurs.

The asteroid was estimated to be between 10 and 15 kilometres broad, but the collision’s velocity resulted in the formation of a significantly bigger crater, measuring 150 kilometres in diameter — the planet’s second-largest volcano. The impact point, also known as the Chicxulub crater, is located on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

The Alvarez hypothesis was contentious at first, but it is now the most commonly recognised idea for the end-of-Mesozoic-Era mass extinction.

So why did this asteroid hit planet Earth all so suddenly leading to the mass extinction of specifically one dominant species, while most others continued to survive?

According to studies, the destiny of life on Earth may have been substantially different if the impact had occurred elsewhere on the globe. The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago had the perfect trajectory to do maximum harm.

According to a recent analysis of the Chicxulub crater in Mexico, where the asteroid hit, the angle and speed of the impact were likely just right to hurl clouds of suffocating vapour into the sky.

The asteroid would have crashed in deeper water if it had hit only minutes later, causing less rock to vaporise and rise, blocking off the Sun’s light and warmth. A mass extinction would have been less likely as a result of this. But this asteroid struck in such a way, almost as if the perfect storm, that it had an optimum situation for the entire dinosaur species to go extinct.

It could be that this asteroid attack was not entirely a consequence of nature, but a well-planned mechanism for extraterrestrial creatures to place traces of them on Earth. It cannot be ignored that throwing asteroids at a planet is an excellent way of terraforming for human colonization. But why were the dinosaurs specifically chosen to make this sacrifice?

Dinosaurs are archosaurs, a broader group of reptiles that initially emerged around the start of the Triassic Period, roughly 251 million years ago. Pterosaurs (now extinct flying reptiles) and contemporary crocodiles and their predecessors are examples of non-dinosaur reptiles that are archosaurs.

Archosaurs belong to a larger group of reptiles called the Diapsids that also hosts the Lizards. This means that both dinosaurs and lizards belong to a similar genetic lineage. During the Permian age, even dinosaurs and other species under the Diapsid subcategory were small and lizard-like.

Dinosaurs, Lizards, and Humanity

Could it be that, in order to attack planet Earth, extraterrestrial aliens strategically placed the asteroid to entirely extinguish the dinosaur race, resulting in the emergence of a small, unnoticed species comprised of some alien substance – the same creatures we call lizards today?

Aliens are popular for their technological advancement, and as a result of this lizards may have been genetically engineered in a way to evade scientific experiments that ousts their secret.

In 1967, Herbert Schirmer, a police officer from Ashland, Nebraska, described being brought onboard a UFO by humanoid creatures with a somewhat reptilian look who wore a “winged serpent” emblem on the left side of their chests while under hypnosis.

Schirmer was taken onboard by the inhabitants of the landing vessel, who spoke with him via mental telepathy. They promised him that they would return twice more and that he would one day “see the universe.”

When they fired that massive asteroid towards our planet, these aliens understood exactly what they were doing. And, in order to ensure that their work is going properly, they occasionally descend upon us to check on us — which explains the countless human sightings of UFOs.

What better way to carry on their covert job than by taking the help of another living being? A life form that is rarely discussed, noticed, examined or feared. In fact, lizards are such lovable animals that some people keep them as pets.

Most significantly, they don’t demand much in the way of maintenance or nutritional to survive. Because most people find lizards uncomfortable, they avoid all contact with them and keep a safe distance.

Since these are non-venomous harmless creatures, they aren’t even killed that often by humans. Lizards are the ideal creatures to co-exist with, and they owe it to the genetic genius of the extraterrestrial creatures watching over us.



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