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What if All 7 Billion People Had a Car Tomorrow


What would happen if everyone on the earth had a car tomorrow? But there are some scary consequences of such an event. However, this is not just another list of bad things that would happen if everyone had a car tomorrow. This article will give you an insight into all the possible outcomes and help you understand what can be done to avoid such consequences. Let’s get started.

Air Pollution Will Shoot Through the Roof

Air pollution is the most visible and immediate consequence of the car craze. When 7 billion people all buy cars, the air will become unbreathable. Many people will die of respiratory diseases, and the economies of many countries will suffer as a result.

Most cars run on fossil fuels. They are the primary source of air pollution. It is primarily due to gas emissions and particles like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrous oxide. In a future scenario where everyone has a car, the air quality would plummet. It would be so terrible that it would be impossible to live in many cities. These pollutants cause several health issues, such as lung diseases, heart diseases, and cancer.

They are also responsible for the changing climate. It is a severe problem that would only worsen if everyone had a car tomorrow.

As we saw above, the air quality would plummet. It would be so bad that living in many parts of the world would be difficult. The quality of life would be so low that it would be impossible to live everyday life. It will not limit the effect of the drastic change in air quality to breathing issues. 

There has been a growing number of deaths due to air pollution. It is responsible for short-term and long-term health problems. It is difficult to predict how many people will die due to the drastic change in air quality. However, a large number will undoubtedly die.

Road Collision Deaths Will Skyrocket

Road collisions are one of the most significant risks associated with car ownership. If we assume that only 1% of the people will die in road collisions every year, then roughly 1000000 people will die each year because they have a car. Death tolls will increase by at least a factor of 10.

Even though airbags have significantly reduced the chances of road collisions, fatalities remain a significant concern. Apart from the loss of human life, road collisions also cause significant financial losses.

Oil Consumption Will Increase Dramatically

Oil is a limited resource, and we are using it faster than it is being replenished. When everyone has a car, oil consumption will rise dramatically. The oil supply will not be able to keep up with the increased demand, causing a global oil crisis. Oil is also a polluting and unsustainable resource. We will have to find an alternative source of fuel for vehicles. The sooner, the better.

Oil is essential for many aspects of our lives. It is used to power vehicles, electricity plants, and industries and as a solvent, fuel, and feedstock to produce many goods. It is easy to use, but there are severe issues with it. It is a finite resource. If everyone on the planet uses oil, it will soon dry up. That’s why there have been efforts to replace oil-based fuels with other energy sources. 

Due to the drastic increase in demand for fuel, the oil supply would dry up quickly. Since there is no other readily available alternative, oil prices would skyrocket. It would be challenging for the industry to function. The agricultural sector would also face problems due to the high oil price.

It is a scary scenario because there are no alternatives to oil. We have to start using sustainable energy sources and find other sources. The only way to prevent the above scenario from becoming a reality is to reduce the dependence on oil.

When everyone has a car, the number of cars on the road will increase significantly. It will lead to a greater fuel demand each year, leading to the oil reserves being exhausted faster. It means that we’ll run out of oil sooner than we thought. It will also lead to higher fuel prices, as the demand for fuel will be higher than ever before. 

The environment will be significantly polluted and cause more illnesses and diseases. In addition, oil companies will try to produce more fuel than they currently do. Thus, oil reserves will exhaust faster, and we’ll run out of oil sooner than expected.

Photo By: Alex Suprun / Unsplash

Water Supply Will Be Utterly Exhausted

Water is a resource that is even more limited than oil. When 7 billion people have a car, they will have to find water to power their cars. And they will have to find a lot of water because the energy required to power a car is approximately 10,000 liters. 

It means that the water supply will have to increase by 10,000 times. Unfortunately, this is not possible. We will have to find an alternative energy source for cars, or we will have to give up on cars entirely.

Food Crisis Will Escalate Too

Food is an essential part of human life. When people start using all their resources for cars, there will be nothing left for food. There will be a global food crisis. Food prices will skyrocket, and many people will die as a result. If we don’t take measures to reduce the number of cars and find alternative energy sources, food scarcity will become a bigger problem than it already is.

Food shortages are common in underdeveloped and developing countries. It is not surprising because most of these countries produce crops for consumption. But when everyone has a car, these countries will have no crops to consume.

Food shortages will become a bigger problem, and many will die of hunger. The best way to prevent this is to reduce the number of cars and find alternative energy sources to power our cars.

Everything Will Break

Many of our buildings and infrastructures are not constructed to withstand the increased traffic resulting from the car craze. They will break down or crumble under the pressure of millions of cars and people. Our roads will be unable to bear the massive load, and they will crumble too. 

Our power grid will not support the increased load of millions of cars and people charging their electric cars. And, if we don’t take any measures to reduce the number of cars and find alternative energy sources, our environment will break down too.

More Pollution & Global Warming

We are facing a global warming crisis, and car emissions are one of the main contributors. If everyone has a car, the rate of global warming will increase dramatically. It will make our planet uninhabitable and cause many species to go extinct. We must find alternative energy sources to power our cars and reduce the number of cars on the roads. It is the only way to prevent our planet from becoming uninhabitable.

20 Times More Traffic

Traffic jams are a common phenomenon in many cities. But when everyone has a car, the traffic will increase by 20 times and the roads will be completely clogged. There will be no space to walk or cycle, let alone drive a car. It will be virtually impossible to get anywhere on time. Again, this will have a significant negative impact on the environment and will make our lives miserable.

Traffic chaos is perhaps the most severe consequence of everyone having a car. If each person has a car, the number of cars on the road will rise significantly, leading to traffic chaos. Even if we assume everyone will drive the same car, there will be traffic jams and accidents.

Thus, there will be a significant decrease in productivity, as people will be stuck in traffic jams most of the time. It will have a very negative effect on the economy and will cause many people to lose their jobs.

Even if they do manage to drive as fast as they do with fewer cars on the road, the road will be too crowded to go anywhere fast. And with no real solution to this problem, traffic chaos is undoubtedly one of the most severe consequences of everyone having a car.

Photo By : Håkon Sataøen/ Unsplash

The Global Temperature Would Rise

Everybody knows that greenhouse gases cause global warming. As the air quality plummets, the global temperature will start rising. The temperature increase is expected to be drastic. It is highly alarming as it would cause many social and economic issues. And the most significant source of greenhouse gasses is burning fossil fuels.

There would be water scarcity to a level that is impossible to live with. The global economy would be in bad shape with such a drastic temperature rise. The cost of food and other essentials would skyrocket. Due to the drastic temperature rise, deserts will expand. It will cause animals to migrate.

The Price of Food Would Skyrocket

As we saw above, the oil price would skyrocket due to the drastic increase in demand. It would have a ripple effect on agriculture, the primary food source. The increase in the price of oil would make it impossible for farmers to produce food efficiently. It would be impossible for farmers to produce food sustainably. It would lead to food shortages in many parts of the world. 

Food prices would skyrocket, and many people would be unable to afford them. It will not restrict the rise in food prices in developed and developing countries. It would affect every country, irrespective of its economic status.

Infrastructure Would Crumble

The world has become increasingly dependent on the internet in recent years. It is used in everyday life, communication, business, education, and entertainment. However, it is not a sustainable technology. It will have to be replaced with something better. The world has become more dependent on electricity. It is used by people, businesses, and almost everything. 

However, it is not a sustainable technology. The infrastructure will crumble if everyone has a car and uses electricity like the internet. Cars run on electricity. It would put a severe burden on the infrastructure. The electricity grid is not designed to handle such a sudden increase in demand, so it would crumble under pressure.

Photo By: Joshua Koblin / Unsplash

Resources Would Be Depleted

As we saw above, the drastic air quality change would significantly impact the environment. It would cause the soil to become barren. There would be a drastic change in the climatic conditions, affecting the crops. The water levels would drop, which would affect the fish. The change in the sea level would affect marine life, a part of the food chain. 

The drastic environmental change would result in the depletion of resources at a fast rate. It is especially true for the drastic change in air quality. We don’t have much time to mitigate the environmental impact. If we don’t act soon, the change will be irreversible.

The Environment Will Suffer

The environment is already suffering greatly due to the pollution caused by fuel-burning vehicles. When everyone has a car, the environment will be even more polluted. As a result, many species of animals and plants may become extinct because of the harmful chemicals in the environment.

It will also prevent humans from living in areas with high pollution levels because it will be dangerous for people’s health. If a high level of pollution continues in the environment, people’s lives will become shorter and shorter. Thus, the environment will suffer when everyone has a car.

Photo By: Joey Banks / Unsplash

The Economy Would be in Ruins

When everyone has a car, the economy will go downhill. The transportation sector will suffer significantly from all the consequences discussed in this article. The economy will suffer if people can’t run their businesses because of traffic jams.

The economy will suffer when people can’t get to their jobs due to long traffic jams. It will lead to many people losing their jobs and thus significantly decrease the economy’s prosperity. The economy will be in ruins when everyone has a car because there will be significantly less money in the economy.


The car craze will have a host of negative consequences. It will increase greenhouse gas emissions, cause food shortages, and increase air pollution. The best way to prevent all these things is to reduce the number of cars and find alternative energy sources to power our cars. Let’s not follow in the footsteps of the greedy piggy-in-the-middle. Let’s be responsible citizens and make the right choices.



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