The Future of Humanity in the Cosmos

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From starting of the universe to the modern world, we have come a long way.

Today we are at that point in life and technology where we are able to explore the cosmos and find new places in the cosmos. Also, trying to survive in the cosmos. But what’s next, what will be the future of humanity in the cosmos?

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Today we are going to discuss the same question in this article. Firstly, let us discuss the history of humans in the cosmos.

1. History of Humanity in the Cosmos

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The journey was amazing, from hunting for survival to creating the super rockets. Today we are dreaming of colonizing Mars. Further trying to find more planets for survival.

The History of Humanity is one that’s filled with determination and advancement in technology. We have made much progress that even our ancestors can’t imagine.

Today we dominate the earth, not only the earth but also the universe. But we are not as powerful as in old times. So how did we get here? What is our story?

Our story begins around 2 lakh years ago. Our ancestors were formed on the earth. We were not the only species but also there were more species like us.

The upright man Homo Erectus was formed. Also later Homo Neanderthalensis formed. Also, the extinction of many species occurs. For the extinction of the species, theories tell many possibilities.

The reason for extinction may, be rapid climate change. Again space events are also one of the most possible reasons.

From very ancient times we humans have been interested in the cosmos. So, whenever we saw the sky, we tried to configure what is outside the Earth.

Initially, we thought that the Earth is stationary and that the sun and moon revolved around it. But as time passed, we got to know that it is actually the other way around.

From this today we can discover numerous planets in our universe. Also, we are taking a look at the multiverse too.

So, today we will have a deeper look at the future of humanity in the cosmos.

2. Future of Humanity in the Cosmos

Many times we dreamed of landing in places where no man had gone earlier. But it’s not just a dream anymore, it’s a possible scenario, as we are on the verge of having a new era of humanity.

Within the next few years, we will be able to travel across all the planets. Also, we will be inhabiting other planets too.

We have our ultra high powered robots who can walk on the surface of Mars. Also, these robots are sending information back to the earth, preparing the ground for our coming.

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In the future, we will be able to travel in the whole universe. Also, we will have technology that will help us to travel faster than light.

How black holes will help us to develop our future in the cosmos? Let’s see!

2.1 Black Holes

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Recently Event Horizon Telescope captured the image of black holes. In previous times black holes were considered as fiction. But now we can find the black hole in space. The black hole is a spinning structure. It spins rapidly.

A black hole forms a ring of neutrons. The centrifugal force of the ring prevents the black hole from collapsing.

A black hole may be the entry to the parallel universe. Again we can also say that it may be the elevator from one universe to another.

If the black hole is opening for another universe, our future generations could be exploring the parallel universe soon enough. Also as per the theories of black holes, it is often said that on the other side of a black hole, there may be a white hole.

As we all know a black hole is an entity in which everything is just checked in and nothing checks out. Not even the light. So where do things go further? Maybe things come out of the white hole and enter into a parallel universe.

Again what if our universe is also an opening of the white hole? These things will reveal us truth of the Big Bang theory.

In the future, when we will know everything about the black hole then humanity will be in profit in different aspects. The black holes in the cosmos are one of the things that will play an important role in our progress.

3. The Future of Consciousness in the Universe

As human beings, we are conscious and self-conscious too. So here we will talk about the future of consciousness in the cosmos.

3.1 Cosmic Reach

Could we settle on other planets? We will consider the possibility that we do survive. Within the next trillion years, Earth will be no more habitable. This eventually creates a need to move from Earth to another habitable planet.

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If we are settled on the planets in the solar system, we can survive for the next few billion years.

Because after settling on another planet sun will enter the final stage of its life. It will dramatically grow in size. Also, it will be ballooning out. It will use its remaining energy and finally will die.

red supergiant
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After this, we have to habit the nearest star system ”ALPHA CENTAURI”. Further, as time passes we will try to colonize the whole universe.

3.2 Life Beyond Earth

In very old times we used to think that we were the only living beings present in the entire universe. This is because we never had evidence of the presence of aliens in our entire universe.

But today, in the 21st century we are aware of the vastness of universes. So there are many areas where humanity hasn’t reached yet.

So, we can’t say that aliens don’t exist. There is a huge possibility of aliens existing.

The greatest discovery human beings can do is to discover new life on another planet. This will help us in many aspects.

If the species found is very advanced then it may be a threat to human beings. But if the alien species is not very advanced  it will be helpful to us

If the alien species is at the very primary stage of advancement we can study their evolution. By studying it we can predict the history of evolution of humanity.

Also by studying their body types, we will be able to know about their body genes. This will help us with genetic engineering so that we can make the possible genetic changes. This will help us to survive on the planet

But if the alien civilization is more advanced than us then there may be two possibilities.

Firstly the tie-up! If both civilizations accept the mutualism the progress of both will be accelerated.

Second thing if they attack us this may be the end of our humanity. So to prevent us from the end, our technology must grow faster.

3.3 Deep Time

The Future of Humanity in the Cosmos
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In the vicinity of the Milky Way galaxy, there are clusters of galaxies present. This cluster is known as a local group. One of them is the Andromeda galaxy.

The Andromeda galaxy, very closeby to our Milky Way is a beautiful spiral galaxy. Also, it consists of billions of stars. Although Andromeda is quite similar to the Milky Way, it is twice in size as our Milky Way.

At some time in the future, we might be will be able to do inter-galaxy travel. Due to cosmic acceleration, the distance between the galaxies may also decrease. It eventually will help us to travel between the galaxies.

If conscious intelligent life should inhabit such a deep time, by then its reach and scale we have to survive till the time.

Cosmic acceleration is the gravity of each galaxy that contracts the universe. This might seem like the universe is collapsing back into singularity. Huh, we never know!

3.4 More than Humans

The Future of Humanity in the Cosmos
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After million years of generations, how humans would transform? As there is a limit to our natural physical and mental capabilities. But AI created by humans does not have these limitations.

With some genetic engineering and AI techniques, we will be able to create superhumans. Superhumans will not fear losing something.

Eventually, this modification will lead to making humans immortal. Making a human immortal is a milestone for humanity. Also due to immortal beings, we will be able to explore the whole universe without the limitations of time.

4. The Universal Self

As we are human beings we are conscious. And this self-consciousness is nothing but Individualism.

The Future of Humanity in the Cosmos
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Due to this, we are what we are! The body is just a covering but our consciousness is the thing that makes us living.

Only an identity based on consciousness provides sufficient consideration of the distant future. And the beings that will inhabit it, that in whatever ways we might evolve or seek to alter human nature.

Whatever physical forms our descendants might assume biological or silicon, we must preserve our true value and potential. We must preserve our consciousness.

This will lead to the most advanced forms in the universe. Also, it will form the diversity of minds in the universe. These minds will have very different histories cultures and cosmologies.

After preserving our consciousness we might see each other as extensions of each other. Everyone will be on the same journey and the same goal.

5. Types of Civilization on a Cosmos Scale

Basically, at the cosmos level, we can count our progress based on the Kardashev scale. This scale is based on the usage of energy by a civilization. According to the Kardashev scale, we are not even a type 1 civilization.

So, to be the type 1 civilization we have to wait till the Twenty-four to Twenty-fifth century.

6. Progress of Humanity in the Cosmos

Today we are living on Earth. Within the next few years, the Earth will no longer be habitable. So, we will have to find some other new planets for sustaining.

But is interplanetary travel possible with our available natural fuels? The answer is a big vast NO! So firstly we will need to make more progress in nuclear fusion for our energy needs.

The Future of Humanity in the Cosmos
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6.1 Type 1 Civilization

If we can achieve advancement in nuclear power, we are good to go! We will be very close to achieving type 1 civilization.

After this, we are going to use the whole energy from the sun. Through the Dyson sphere, we will be covering the whole sun. This Dyson sphere will help us to absorb all the energy from the sun.

6.2 Type 2 Civilization

After achieving the milestone of the Dyson sphere, We will be a type 2 civilization officially. After this, we will be covering all stars of our galaxy with Dyson spheres.

This is to fulfil the needs of all colonies of humans in the universe. After all these things we will get a lesson that our human body and the light have some limitations.

6.3 Type 3 Civilization

After realizing the limitations of the human body, we will find that some planets are too far from our solar system. We will not be able to reach there even after travelling at the speed of light. It will need more years than the whole human life span.

So, we will make some modifications to our body. Also, we might discover a shortcut called “WORMHOLE”.  Through the wormhole, we can reach our desired planet in very little time.

6.4 Type 4 Civilization

After traveling through the naturally found wormhole. We can start to create our wormhole. We will be using the energy from the supernova explosion occurring in the cosmos to create wormholes.

6.5 Type 5 Civilization

We will be doing advanced genetic engineering to create Type 0 civilizations just to study them. Interesting right?

We will be a civilization that can control the not just whole universe, But the multiverse.

Also, we will be able to understand different dimensions of the universe.

6.6 Type 6 Civilization

Understanding the different dimensions will lead to a type 6 civilization. At this stage, we will have the control to create or destroy a universe within minutes.

At this stage, we will be getting rid of our physical body. While entering the other dimension our physical body will be destroyed completely. And we will be Immortal, Eternal beings.

We will be at the stage of consciousness when we don’t have anything left to achieve.

6.7 Type 7 Civilization

Technically it is not possible to achieve type 7 in any civilization. Because the being of the type 7 civilization will have all the cosmos inside him.

That means Type 0 to Type 6 civilizations all are the part of body of the Type 7 civilization. So the being of the type 7 civilization is only one. God of Gods!

7. All Together!

Above we discussed all types of stages of civilization that we will be achieving if it is not abrupted by any disaster or extinction.

After achieving the milestone of the Type 2 civilization, we will possibly achieve Time Travel. After this, we may also find the origin of the universe. It will answer our many questions like Did the Big Bang happen? Who is the creator of the universe and much more.

Also while progressing this much we may face any other advanced civilization which may be much more advanced than us. It may destroy us. So to be ahead we have to make progress very fast.

8. Conclusion

So we have discussed the future of humanity in the cosmos. Many possibilities, many events, and many discoveries we have talked about.

So last but not the list to achieve these many things first we need to survive. We have to survive all the disasters that we will face. We also have to survive the mass extinction that Earth already have faced many times.

Now we are at the stage where we are much more advanced. The advancement is growing exponentially.

Today we can explore our solar system, know about black holes, and dream to step on Mars. Also, we have advanced AI machines that will be going to help us to explore the cosmos.

In the future, the events occurring in space will be in our control. We are going to have a beautiful journey in the cosmos. The future is near. Let’s work hard for it!

Till then, what’s your opinion about this article? Let me know in the comment section.



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